It isn’t the same

I know I am a bit late in writing this post but after sitting on it for a few days I have come to the conclusion that I have to write this post simply to be fair. If you have read some of my older writing you know I have had issues with both sides of the political spectrum. Which is what brings me to the topic of today’s post. Joe Biden’s own abuse of scripture as President of the United States. 

In a recent speech praising the work of the brave men and women helping people evacuate Afghanistan he quoted Isaiah 6. Now I think the men and women working to help those fleeing the Taliban are heroes but they did not answer the same call as Isaiah. Isaiah’s call was to warn the people of Israel of impending doom. He was there to call the nation to account and to tell the Isrealites of what was to come. Not only did Isaiah have a different call, Isaiah had a different caller. 

You see, by equating the men and women of the United States military to Isaiah Joe Biden essentially placed the United States on the same level as God. While I am not bold enough to say that this was his intention I do know that it at the very least shows poor theology. This kind of thinking is what leads to the idea that the United States is somehow better in the eyes of God than any other nation. This further leads to a view that anything we do as a country is the will of God. This allows us to excuse things that should be called out because well if the United States did it then it must have been right. 

This theological mistake also makes it much easier to villainize and dehumanize anyone who lives in a country that is not one of our allies and to a lesser extent this could be done to people who are from an allied country simply because they aren’t citizens of the United States. This inadvertently leads to division in the church as Christians from the United States write off whole nations as unChristian simply because they are at odds with the United States. On the flip side this allows us to overlook the need for evangelism in the United States. 

While you may say this isn’t true of you I would ask if you act like it? This clearly led to many issues in the past with how American Christians have interacted with both the world and their fellow citizens who do not follow Christ. We must remind ourselves that Christ died for all and that nothing about a person’s race, nationality or geographic location dictates whether or not they can be saved.