Election Day

I have already cast my vote in the election. I early voted because all indicators point to this being an election with a high turnout and because the polling place is right next to my daughter’s daycare, so it was extremely easy for me to vote. I without a doubt hope that my chosen candidates win their races. I believe that they will work to progress my values better than their opponents. Do I agree with everything my chosen candidates have said or believe? No, but as they fit my worldview better, I have a clean conscience. While I obviously want them to win and will be somewhat disappointed if they do not it will not cause me to lose any sleep.

Honestly if you are a Christian, I believe you should not lose any sleep over who wins the election. Disappointment is one thing; despair is another. You see, as a Christian, our hope is not in the elected officials of this or any other country, despite what the QAnon cult says. I firmly believe based on Romans 8:38-39 that neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump has any impact on my salvation. Do I believe that either candidate can attempt to harm the church? Yes, I do. I believe that both Donald Trump and Joe Biden would turn on the church if it served their purposes. With that said, I want to challenge you as fellow believers to do three things.

First, I want to challenge you fellow Christians to hold your leaders accountable. If Trump wins the election and he continues to act in an unchristlike manner make your displeasure known. In the past it might not have mattered but with Trump you can call him out on Twitter and there is a higher than normal chance he will see it. If Biden wins the election and tries to enact legislation that you believe goes against Christian values make your opinion known.  The more way to do this would be to contacting your state’s congressional delegation. To be fair, you could reverse those situations just as easily but I think the way of calling them to account and making your voice heard differs based on the candidate.

Second, no matter who wins seek unity. There are people on both sides of this election who claim Christ as their savior and hold to orthodox Christian beliefs. I know because they are my friends and family. As Christians we are called to love one another, serve one another, and seek unity. You may disagree and that is fine.  Not everyone in this world agrees with you on everything and guess what your probably wrong despite which side you are on. If we as the body of Christ allow a political election to come between us and harm the body, we are dropping the ball and allowing something else to take the place of Christ.

Finally, I think it is time we as the church divorce ourselves from political parties. No party fully represents Christianity. I would argue that this is truer now than ever before. I would argue that no party has every truly represented Christianity in the United States despite what many believe. I believe that as Christians allowing ourselves to be bought and sold as a political commodity distorts the gospel and its message of hope and healing.

So, while I have not always been great at some of the things I have listed above I ask you to join me in reclaiming our faith from politics. I firmly believe that our faith should dictate how we vote however that does not mean that I will always vote the same way as you. That does not mean I love you as my brother or sister in Christ any less. I believe it is time for the church to step up and be the light it is supposed to be. We need to work to bring truth and love to the world. We need to stop being the pawns of political operatives and remind them that they would not have power if it were not for the God how grants it to them.