In the past I have just written posts whenever I felt like writing about something usually just to vent or process some sort of event in my life. However, I have now decided to start writing about Christianity and masculinity. Now to be clear I will not endorse overly masculine Christianity. I believe that there is too much time and money put into making the church “more masculine”. I believe that men need to act like Jesus and while Jesus was at times confrontational and spoke harshly he was also gentle and loving in fact more often than not Jesus erred on the side of grace towards others except for a select few groups.

My plan for this series of posts is to discuss things that we see in scripture as things that we are commanded to do and what that means for men. I will try to use examples from the lives of some of the men I have learned from. For now, I plan on only using examples from those I have had a personal relationship with that have died. Most of these men are family with a few exceptions. I do not expect to waiver from this group but if I do, I will let you all know at the beginning of the post. My goal with this is to hopefully challenge those in the church who have been apathetic about their role as men in the church and to challenge the current understanding of men’s ministry.


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